Something light

Toasted apricot fig loaf, passion
fruit mascarpone and fresh berries— 9.0

Lokal + Co’s Nola (grain free granola),
dragon fruit, mint, lime salad
and coconut yogurt— 14.0

Brioche breakfast roll, bacon, egg, spinach and
house made BBQ sauce— 12.0

Smoked salt and black sesame
seed avocado, Adelaide Hills goat
curd, quinoa sourdough and
watercress lime salad— 17.0


Beetroot pakoras, house cured
gravlax, cucumber ribbons,
minted yogurt and a poached egg— 20.0

Banana fried dumplings, coconut sugar,
vanilla mascarpone, chopped macadamia
nuts and white chocolate
shavings— 18.0

Sweet potato waffle, spiced chorizo,
hung sour cream, avocado
and heirloom tomatoes— 21.0

Green olive tapenade on toast,
poached eggs, salad of zucchini,
currents and Persian feta— 18.0

Breakfast salad, kale, roasted cauliflower,
charred eggplant purée, puffed rice,
goji berries and toasted seeds— 19.0

Asparagus and Gruyère cheese omelette,
green chilli and pea sauce,
tatsoi leaves and rye bread— 19.0

Eggs your way, toasted sourdough and
house made chutney— 10.0

Extras (each)

Bacon, chorizo, mushrooms, haloumi,
avocado, spinach, gravlax— 5.0

Sourdough, rye, gluten free,
extra egg, house BBQ sauce,
house chutney, mixed condiments— 2.0



Something light

Roasted field mushrooms, asparagus,
shaved turnip and black garlic
tahini— 19.0

Pan fried scallops, charred eggplant
purée and chorizo crumble— 21.0

Daily lunch special— 21.0
*ask our team for today's creation

Smoked octopus, Jalapeño yogurt,
cucumber, coriander and shallots— 20.0


Battered whiting, frisée salad,
red chilli mayonnaise and
crispy sambal— 26.0

Twice cooked pork belly,
plum ginger relish and
green apple slaw— 24.0

Olive parmesan crumbed lamb cutlets,
white beans, heirloom tomatoes
and salsa verde— 28.0

Caramelised beets, puffed rice, fresh
asparagus, kale, green peas and
chilli dressing with toasted seeds— 22.0

Smoked duck, nashi pear, tatsoi
leaves, farm house Irish
blue cheese and hazelnuts— 24.0


Curry roasted cauliflower, Jalapeño yogurt
and tatsoi leaves— 8.0

Shaved cucumber salad, mixed leaves
and mint dressing— 8.0

Crinkle cut chips with curry tomato sauce— 8.0



Only available upon request:
group bookings of 15 or more,
see functions page for menus




Allpress Espresso Coffee

Regular— 3.8 / Large— 4.2 Mocha,
hot chocolate, chai latte— 4.0 /4.5
Extra shot, decaf, soy, almond, zymil milk— 0.5
Babyccino— 2.0

West End Tea Co. Organic Loose Leaf Tea

English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Red Vanilla
Delightfully Turkish, Indian Masala (Chai),
China Green, Peppermint Tisane— 4.5

Fresh Juices
Green Miracle: spinach, mint, mango,
fresh lime, pear juice and coconut water— 8.5

Body Cleanse: pineapple, apple,
cucumber and mint— 8.5

Energy Boost: carrot, apple, ginger
and turmeric— 8.5

Freshly squeezed orange juice— 8.5

Smoothies: Seasonal berries, mango and ice cream— 9.0
*add coconut yogurt— 2.0

Milkshakes: Chocolate, caramel, vanilla or hazelnut— 9.0

Morning Cocktails

Danish Mary: it is just like a Bloody Mary, but
slightly more complex with the
herbaceous spiciness of Aquavit— 14.0

Classic Mimosa with a twist: fresh
orange juice, champagne and
a hint of passionfruit— 12.0

Cinnamon Pear Mimosa: champagne and pear juice
infused with cinnamon— 12.0

Lychee Mimosa: champagne, lychee liqueur
and ice— 12.0


Voss Sparkling or Spring Water— 800ml 9.0 / 300ml 5.5

Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Ginger Ale, Lemonade, Solo— 5.0




Vigna Cantina Prosecco
(Barossa, SA) gls 12.0 / btl 52.0

Chevalier Blanc De Blanc NV
(Nuits-Saint Georges, France)
gls 14.0 / btl 56.0

Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial
(Champagne, France)— btl 90.0


3Drops Sauvignon Blanc
(Mount Barker, WA) gls 12.0 / btl 52.0

Traveller’s Blanco Verdelho/Semillon
(Ballandean, QLD) gls 12.5 / btl 52.0

Torzi Matthews Frost Dodger Riesling
(Barossa, SA) gls 13.0 / btl 54.0

Chain of Ponds Pinot Grigio
(Adelaide Hills, SA) gls 13.5 / btl 56.0

See Saw Chardonnay
(Orange, NSW) gls 13.0 / btl 54.0

Vella Harvest Widow Chardonnay
(Adelaide Hills, VIC) btl 60.0

Vigna Cantina Rosato di Sangiovese
(Eden Valley, SA) gls 14.0 / btl 58.0

Vigna Cantina Sangiovese
(Barossa, SA) gls 12.0 / btl 52.0

Vigna Cantina, Negro Amaro
(Barossa, SA)gls 13.0 / btl 54.0

Lonely Vineyard Stone Hut Shiraz Cellar Release
(Eden Valley, SA) gls 14.0 / btl 58.0

Delatite Yarra Pinot Noir
(Mansfield, VIC) gls 15.0 / btl 60.0

Hither & Yon Grenache Mataro
(McLaren Vale, SA) gls 13.5 / btl 56.0

Lonely Vineyard Montepulciano
(Eden Valley, SA) btl 59.0

Lunar Apogé Côtes Du Rhône
(France)— btl 60.0


Beer on Tap

Asahi Super Dry
(Tokyo, Japan)— 9.0

Asahi Black
(Tokyo, Japan)— 9.0

Cricketers Arms Spearhead Pale Ale
(Melbourne, Australia)— 9.0

Guest Beer of the month— 9.0


Bottled Beer

Asahi Soukai(Tokyo, Japan)
mid-strength — 7.5
Mountain Goat Hightail Ale
(Melbourne, Australia)— 9.0

Mountain Goat Pale Ale  
(Melbourne, Australia)— 9.0

Estrella Damm Lager
(Barcelona, Spain)— 9.0

Kingfisher Premium Lager
(Bangalore, India)— 9.0




Somersby Apple, Somersby Pear,
Somersby Blackberry— 9.0



Whisky | Bourbon
House— 7.0
Monkey Shoulder Scotch Whisky
(Dufftown, Scotland)— 9.0

Woodford Reserve Bourbon Whisky
(Kentucky, United States)— 10.0

Hellyers Road Single Malt Whisky
(Tasmania, Australia)— 12.0

Hennessy VSOP Cognac
(Cognac, France)— 12.0

House- 7.0

Tromba Blanco Tequila
(Hecho, Mexico)— 9.0

Don Julio Reposado Tequila
(Hecho, Mexico)— 11.0

Ypióca Prata (Ceará, Brazil)— 10.0

House- 7.0
Melbourne Gin Company Gin
(Victoria, Australia)— 9.0

Hendrick’s Gin
(Girvan, Scotland)— 10.0

Ink Dry Gin
(Tumbulgum, Australia)— 12.0

The West Winds, The Sabre Gin
(Margaret River, Australia)— 9.0

House— 7.0

666 Pure Vodka
(Tasmania, Australia)— 9.0

Rye Bread Vodka— 9.0

Grey Goose Vodka
(Picardy, France)— 10.0

House— 7.0

North Coast Bar Series: Pure Cane
(NSW, Australia)— 10.0

Substation no. 41 Rum
(Queensland, Australia)— 9.0



Nordic Twilight
Rye bread Vodka, fresh lime
and orange juice— 15.0

Bitter-sweet Passion
Campari, Vodka, orange juice and
rapadura sugar— 16.0

Tropical 4101
Vodka, Cointreau, passionfruit, fresh
lemon juice, marmalade jam
and mint— 17.0

Lokal+Co’s Mule
Rum, fresh lime, bitters, ginger
ale and fresh chilli— 16.0

Dragon Fruit Martini
Vodka, fino sherry, dragon fruit,
lemon juice and a touch
of sugar— 16.0

New Scandi Sour
Aquavit, bitters, egg white, fino
sherry, sugar, fresh lime
and pineapple juice— 17.0

Classic Mimosa
Champagne, fresh orange juice
and a hint of passionfruit— 12.00

Cinnamon Pear Mimosa
 champagne and pear juice
infused with cinnamon— 12.00

Lychee Mimosa
champagne, lychee liqueur and ice— 12.00






Lokal and Co menu