Something light

Vanilla and rosewater ricotta with toasted
apricot fig loaf— 9.0

Toasts with a trio of Nordic preserves— 10.0
*your choice of bread 

Black rice coconut congee, lemongrass,
kaffir lime and poached lychees— 14.0

Avocado, quinoa sourdough, pomegranate
glazed eggplant and black sesame— 16.0


Apple pie waffle, hung cinnamon
sour cream, braised apple
and toffee crunch— 19.0

De-Puy spiced lentils, roasted cauliflower,
braised silverbeet, coconut sambol and
house made taro crisps — 20.0

Brioche breakfast roll, bacon, egg, spinach and
house BBQ sauce— 12.0

Crispy pork belly, kimchi omelette,
radish and lime herb salad— 22.0

Halloumi crumbed Portobello mushrooms,
toasted sesame hummus, sprout
salad and a poached egg— 18.0

Potato and leek pakoras, house gravlax,
horseradish labne, baby Swiss chard
and a poached egg— 21.0

Eggs your way, toasted sourdough
and house made chutney— 10.0

Extras (each)

Bacon, mushrooms, grilled haloumi,
avocado, spinach, gravlax, kimchi— 5.0

Sourdough, house rye, gluten free toast, extra egg— 2.0

House made BBQ sauce, house made chutney— 2.0



Something light

Goat cheese toast, roasted field
mushrooms, green olives, rocket
and pine nuts— 19.0

Winter salad, grilled prawns, celeriac and black garlic— 20.0

Smørrebrød: open sandwich daily special— 17.0
*ask our Lokal+Co team for today's creation

Garbanzo bean and spinach salad,
broccoli, sprouts, baby carrots,
preserved lemon and seeds— 19.0


Salt and pepper barramundi, yellow curry,
cucumber relish and wilted greens— 28.0

Spiced pumpkin wedge, braised silverbeet,
teff, carrot yogurt and black
sesame seeds— 26.0

Cubano-pulled pork sandwich, sliced leg ham
, Jarlsberg cheese, dill pickle, beer mustard
aioli and crinkle cut chips— 19.0

Halloumi crumbed chicken schnitzel,
watercress, fennel, parsley salad
and crinkle cut chips— 23.0

Lamb loin, slow braised beets,
Adelaide Hills goat curd and
warm mandarin dressing— 25.0


Steamed greens, olive oil, smoked salt
and roasted pine nuts— 8.0

Beans, carrot yogurt and toasted sesame— 8.0

Crinkle cut chips with curry tomato sauce— 8.0



To Snack

Toasted sesame hummus with taro chips— 9.0

Pickled mussels, kimchi and mayo— 9.0

Halloumi crumbed Portobello mushroom— 10.0

Something Light

Leek and potato pakoras, carrot yogurt,
watercress, sumac and mint— 19.0

Winter salad, grilled prawns, celeriac and black garlic—21.0

Crispy pork belly, pomegranate glazed eggplant
and toasted sesame hummus— 20.0

Lamb loin, slow braised beets,
Adelaide Hills goat curd and warm
mandarin dressing— 23.0

Roasted cauliflower, coconut dahl,
braised silverbeet, sambol and
house made taro chips—27.0

Slow cooked beef cheeks, mushroom ragout
and soft polenta— 32.0

Halloumi crumbed chicken schnitzel, champ mash,
broccoli and toasted pecans— 27.0

Salt and pepper barramundi, yellow curry,
cucumber relish and wilted greens— 31.0

Steamed greens, olive oil, smoked salt
and roasted pine nuts— 9.0

Beans, carrot yogurt and toasted sesame— 9.0

Crinkle cut chips with curry tomato sauce— 9.0



Persian love cake and pistachio nut labne—10.5

Banana fritter, warm chocolate sauce,
vanilla and rosewater ricotta —12.5

Cheese plate with daily selected cheeses
*ask our team for details—18.0



Allpress Espresso Coffee

Regular— 3.8 / Large— 4.2 Mocha,
hot chocolate, chai latte— 4.0 /4.5
Extra shot, decaf, soy, almond, zymil milk— 0.5
Babyccino— 2.0

West End Tea Co. Organic Loose Leaf Tea

English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Red Vanilla
Delightfully Turkish, Indian Masala (Chai),
China Green, Peppermint Tisane— 4.5

Fresh Juices
Green Miracle: spinach, mint, mango,
fresh lime, pear juice and coconut water— 8.5

Body Cleanse: pineapple, apple,
cucumber and mint— 8.5

Energy Boost: carrot, apple, ginger
and turmeric— 8.5

Freshly squeezed orange juice— 8.5

Smoothies: Seasonal berries, mango and ice cream— 9.0
*add coconut yogurt— 2.0
Banana, chocolate and ice cream— 9.0

Morning Cocktails

Danish Mary: it is just like a Bloody Mary, but
slightly more complex with the
herbaceous spiciness of Aquavit— 14.0

Classic Mimosa with a twist: fresh
orange juice, champagne and
a hint of passionfruit— 12.0

Cinnamon Pear Mimosa: champagne and pear juice
infused with cinnamon— 12.0


Voss Sparkling or Spring Water— 800ml 9.0 / 300ml 5.5

Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Ginger Ale, Lemonade, Solo— 5.0




Secret Garden Brut NV
(Big River, NSW)- gls 12.0 / btl 52.0

Chevalier Blanc De Blanc NV
(Nuits-Saint Georges, France)
gls 14.0 / btl 56.0

G.H. Mumm Brut Cordon Rouge

(Champagne, France)- btl 86.0


Forbes & Forbes Riesling
(Eden Valley, SA)- gls 13.0 / btl 54.0

Chain of Ponds 'Millers Creek'
(Adelaide Hills, SA) gls 13.0 / btl 54.0

See Saw Savignon Blanc
(Orange, NSW) gls 13.0 / btl 54.0

Ravens Croft Pinot Gris
(Stanthorpe, QLD)- btl 56.0

Traveller's Blanco Verdelho/Semillon
(Ballandean, QLD)- gls 12.0 / btl 52.0

Vigna Cantina Rosato di Sangiovese
(Eden Valley, SA)- gls 14.0 / btl 58.0


Vigna Cantina Sangiovese
(Barossa, SA)- gls 13.0 / btl 54.0

Lonely Vineyard Montepulciano
(Eden Valley, SA)- btl 58.0

Vigna Cantina, Tempranillo
(Barossa, SA)- gls 14.0 / btl 56.0

Lonely Vineyard Stone Hut Shiraz
Cellar Release (Eden Valley, SA) gls 15.0 / btl 62.0

Delatite High Ground Pinot Noir
(Mansfield, VIC)- gls 15.5 / btl 60.0

Kilikanoon GSM
(Clare Valley, SA)- gls 13.0 / btl 54.0

Boireann 'La Cima' Rosso
Nebbiolo Barbera (The Summit, QLD)
btl 58.0


Beer on Tap

Asahi, Cricketers Arms, Estrella,
Guest Beer of the Month— 9.0


Bottled Beer

Asahi Soukai— 7.5

Asahi Black, Cricketers IPA, 
Cricketers Scorcher— 9.0



Somersby Apple, Somersby Pear,
Somersby Blackberry— 9.0



Whisky | Bourbon
House— 7.0
Monkey Shoulder Scotch Whisky
(Dufftown, Scotland)— 9.0

Woodford Reserve Bourbon Whisky
(Kentucky, United States)— 10.0

Hellyers Road Single Malt Whisky
(Tasmania, Australia)— 12.0

Hennessy VSOP Cognac
(Cognac, France)— 12.0

House- 7.0

Tromba Blanco Tequila
(Hecho, Mexico)— 9.0

Don Julio Reposado Tequila
(Hecho, Mexico)— 11.0

Ypióca Prata (Ceará, Brazil)— 10.0

House- 7.0
Melbourne Gin Company Gin
(Victoria, Australia)— 9.0

Hendrick’s Gin
(Girvan, Scotland)— 10.0

Ink Dry Gin
(Tumbulgum, Australia)— 12.0

The West Winds, The Sabre Gin
(Margaret River, Australia)— 9.0

House— 7.0

666 Pure Vodka
(Tasmania, Australia)— 9.0

Rye Bread Vodka— 9.0

Grey Goose Vodka
(Picardy, France)— 10.0

House— 7.0

North Coast Bar Series: Pure Cane
(NSW, Australia)— 10.0

Substation no. 41 Rum
(Queensland, Australia)— 9.0




Classic Bronx
Gin, Noilly Prat dry vermouth,
Maidenii vermouth, fresh orange juice
and maraschino cherry— 16.0

Espresso Martini
Vodka, Allpress coffee and Kahlua— 16.0

Dry Martini
Your choice of perfect, dry or dirty,
Vodka or Gin, Noilly Prat
dry vermouth, green olives, lemon
or lime twist House Spirit— 15.0
Grey Goose Vodka— 17.0
Hendrick’s Gin— 17.0

Cachaça (sugarcane spirit), sugar, fresh
lime and mint— 14.0

Lokal’s Creations

Nordic Twilight
Rye bread Vodka, fresh lime
and orange juice— 14.0

Basil Elixir
Aquavit, fino sherry, fresh lime
juice and fresh Thai basil— 16.0

Tropical 4101
Vodka, Cointreau, passionfruit, fresh lemon
juice, cloudberry jam and mint— 17.0

Lokal+Co’s Mule
Rum, fresh lime, bitters, ginger
ale and fresh chilli— 16.0

New Scandi Sour
Aquavit, bitters, egg white, fino sherry,
sugar, fresh lime and pineapple juice —17.0



The Mountaineer
Rum, Cointreau, dry fino sherry,
sugar and fresh lime juice— 10.00

North Star
Whisky, Grand Marnier, sugar, fresh
ginger and lemon juice— 10.00

Cherry Field
Cherry, vodka, Chambord liqueur and
Maidenii vermouth— 10.00

Champagne, fresh orange juice
and a hint of passionfruit— 12.00

Pineapple Coconut Mimosa
Champagne, fresh pineapple juice
and coconut water— 12.00


Amaro Liqueurs

Aquavit Linie
(Hagan, Norway)— 10.0

Baileys Irish Cream
(Dublin, Ireland)— 8.0

Cointreau Triple Sec
(Angers, France)— 8.0

Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur
(Canale, Italy)— 8.0

Chambord Raspberry Liqueur
(Loire Valley, France)— 8.0

Grand Marnier Liqueur
(Cognac, France)— 9.0

Tia Maria Coffee Liqueur
(Saronno, Italy)— 8.0

Kahlúa Coffee Liqueur
(Veracruz, Mexico)— 8.0

MAiDENii Vermouth
(Melbourne, Australia)— 8.0

Noilly Prat Dry Vermouth
(Marseillan, France)— 8.0





Lokal and Co menu